Portfolio Highlights

Huntington Bank PlazaHuntington Bank Plaza

Canton, OH

160,000 square foot Class A office building attached to a 500 car garage.

  • 220 Market Avenue South, also known as “Huntington Bank Plaza” is the largest and most recognizable class-A building in downtown Canton, Ohio
    • Huntington Bank Plaza has long been the address of choice for top legal and financial firms in the area, but significant regional growth is being driven by the petroleum and natural gas industries
    • Huntington Plaza will not only retain its status among the existing firms in the area, but will be poised to capitalize upon the projected energy sector growth.


1180 South Main Street

Akron, OH

Amerimar acquired the vacant building in 2014 with a bold plan to rehabilitate all 224,000 square feet into a state-of-the-art home for government administrative offices.

  • 1180 South Main Street was built in 1926 as a shipping warehouse on Firestone Tire Company’s sprawling manufacturing complex in Akron, OH.
    • Listing on National Register of Historic Places
    • 2016 Architectural Heritage Award for Adaptive Reuse Excellence from the Summit County Historical Society

Wanamaker Building

The Wanamaker Building

Philadelphia, PA

Amerimar Acquisition and Stewardship Maximizes Value of The Wanamaker Building, a Historic Philadelphia Landmark

  • Amerimar’s vision and management strategies successfully maximize the value of their assets
    • The Wanamaker Building, the largest and one of the most historic buildings in Philadelphia, was underutilized
    • Amerimar effectively repurposed and redesigned the Wanamaker Building to find the most productive and efficient ways to meet current retail and business needs

The Rittenhouse BuildingThe Rittenhouse

Philadelphia, PA

The Rittenhouse, an Internationally Recognized, AAA Five Diamond Award Winning Hotel, Brought to Life by Amerimar Realty Company

  • Amerimar Realty has the vision and industry leadership needed to see and create value where others cannot
    • For 17 years, other developers failed to bring the 33-story high rise shell to completion
    • Amerimar Realty effectively advanced The Rittenhouse from an empty shell to an award-winning hotel and premier condominium residence

The Denver Place
Denver Place

Denver, CO

Unique Financial Repositioning, Management and Marketing by Amerimar Realty Revives Denver Place

  • Amerimar Realty has the experience and capabilities to effectively navigate and manage large, sophisticated projects as well as complex partnerships and financial structures to generate value
    • Prior to Amerimar Realty’s involvement Denver Place was struggling under its debt burden due to divided management and low occupancy
    • Amerimar Realty overcame the complexities of Denver Place’s partnership and debt financing structure to realize success across stakeholders

Pier 39Pier 39

San Francisco, CA

Acquisition and Aggressive, Strategic Management of Previously Distressed Property, Ensures Enduring Success for Pier 39, One of San Francisco’s Most Popular Destinations

  • Aggressive multi-pronged management strategy and investment in Pier 39’s infrastructure, changed the retail tenant mix and improved the public relations image of this property
    • Pier 39, most popular and successful retail locations and tourist destinations in the country
    • Amerimar effectively implemented management and public relations strategies to ensure productive and efficient ways to successfully meet retail, business and tourism need